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MACC – Planet of the Apeks (Reprise)

5-9 August 2014, PJ Live Arts Theatre,

The Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians return with their ape-shit show “Planet of the Apeks” features observations, anecdotes, theories and even song parodies… all from the viewpoints of the four Apeks: Douglas Lim, Kuah Jenhan, Phoon Chi Ho and Dr Jason Leong. Early previews of the show have garnered a range of responses, from “It’s OK” to “OMG, this is the pinnacle, the apex (or APEKS) of comedy!”. Check it out yourselves! M.A.C.C.’s “Planet of the Apeks” promises a laugh-out-loud affair for mature adults providing that they are:
– English-speaking
– easily amused
– at the show

Tue, 5 Aug @ 9:00PM
Wed, 6 Aug @ 9:00PM
Thu, 7 Aug @ 9:00PM
Fri, 8 Aug @ 9:00PM
Sat, 9 Aug @ 5:00PM & 9:00PM

Box Office (12pm-7pm daily)
Phone: 03 79600439
Mobile: 017 2289 849

“Phoon Chi Ho is one of the most tenacious comedians I know. From college gigs to “2-audience member” club shows to sell-out MACC performances, Chi Ho has persevered and come out victorious (most of the time). He also has a good grasp of theater dynamics and logistics which makes him an integral part of a successful comedy show. The word on the street is that Chi Ho is a thinking man’s comedian. I disagree. His appeal in Malaysia would be too small if it were true.”

Douglas Lim, accomplished comedian, actor, singer and composer


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